Operation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Operation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Whether you need a complete team or just one consultant for alimited time, AMPS LLC can support your operational requirements to improve your maintenance and supply network. We provideevery client with the qualified technical and management professionals needed for each situation.

Wehave a broad network of experienced and motivated professionals; we intimately understand the skill sets required to meetspecific demands; and we have the technology to efficiently administer consulting programs for companies both large and smallthat rely on contract personnel and services to augment their internal resources. From project development to engineering,through construction to start-up and commissioning and into operation, we provide energy professionals to fit your needs.Some of the approach, methodologies, tools & technical include:

  • Process Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Lifecycle Cost Management
  • Customer Surveys
  • Quality Reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Product Performance
  • Communications Program

Process Improvement

A structured approach to process improvement is an important precursor fororganizations considering the adoption of more rigorous operations strategies such as Lean Six Sigma. AMPS provides processimprovement consulting and training to help organizations embed important concepts of process, metrics, customer focus,and quality. We are flexible in our approach, working either with client teams or leveraging our own process experts tomap and measure key business processes. We then work with client implementation teams to harvest the benefits of improvedprocesses.

For those organizations that wish to create their own process improvement capability,we use proprietary training materials and process simulations. Simulation, inasmuch as it approximates situations whichparticipants face daily, is far more effective in translating theory to practice. Participants are more engaged becausethey are working and solving problems.

Lean Six Sigma

AMPS assists clients withcomplex problems for which solutions have been tried unsuccessfully or emergent problems require sustainable solutions.Our approach is to clearly define the problem and the expected outcome. We gather and analyze unbiased facts, implementan innovative and practical solution.

AMPSalso provides clients the full range of Lean SixSigma (LSS) instructional services with our teaming partners. Instructional services include:

  • Lean and Six Sigma Process Management
  • Accelerated Black Belt
  • 5 day Lean Green Belt
  • Executive Facilitation & Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Belt Development (Yellow Belt toMaster Black Belt), and
  • Process Excellence Workshops

Supply Chain Optimization

AMPS supports clients with supply chain cost versus availability optimization decision with an integratedand holistic lifecycle assessment of operational requirements, upgrades, replacement, maintenance, repair, warranties,lease arrangement and supply chain support requirements.

Both Defense agencies and suppliersneed assistance dealing with the ongoing shift in Performance-Based Logistics and outcome-centered contracting. AMPS canprovide clients the logistics and business expertise and advise to smoothly implement supply networks across organizations.

Lifecycle Cost Management

Will an investment in energy-saving projects pay off inthe long run? You can find out whether projects are a wise investment by performing a life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis. Tohelp facility managers make sound decisions, AMPS evaluates the cost-effectiveness of energy and water investments.

Life-cycle cost analysis rules are promulgated in 10 CFR 436 A, Life Cycle Cost Methodology andProcedures and conforms to requirements in the National Energy Conservation Policy Act (NECPA) and subsequent energyconservation legislation as well as Executive Order 13423.

Customer Surveys

AMPSprovides clients customer survey support to validate analysis, provide external, as well as internal customer feedbackand benchmarking information. AMPS support survey requirements with custom development web applications to increasereach, responsiveness and reduce cost of tracking and analysis.

Quality Reviews

AMPSassists clients with program review, independent verification and validation and discrete objective quality reviewsof client operations, financial performance and client satisfaction.


AMPS designs and implements competitive benchmarking and best practice research studies. These studies are used tovalidate or improve organizational and shed light on comparisons across industries. Our studies are quantitative,allowing clients to make more informed decisions about how to improve organizational performance and alignment.

Product Performance

AMPS assists clients with evaluation of product performance againstrequirements, including both technical and operational performance. Implementation of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)programs can vastly improve the sustainment economics of product support.