Business Strategy and Financial Management

Every project requires a solid strategy and business case, but projects and companies in search of funding sources have particularly stringent needs in developing a convincing case. We assist with assessing the feasibility of a project, articulating the value stream, or tackling specific obstacles and difficult stumbling blocks. Some of the approach, methodologies, tools & techniques include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Policy and Regulatory Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Product Evaluation

Strategic Planning

We help clients clearly define organizational objectives and innovative strategies to achieve them. Our approach starts with helping the client to clearly define a few macro-level objectives, based on the organizational core competencies, internal and external constraints, and competitive dynamics. Without clearly defined and measureable objectives, strategic planning becomes muddled and creates conflicting priorities for employees. For each strategic objective, we work with our client to establish a timeline for achieving interim milestones. We then create very specific plans for achieving milestones. These plans are then further broken down and assigned to operating managers. Managers and supervisors can then be held accountable for carrying out specific action plans according to the established timeline. The identification of a few objectives, along with specific action plans, clarifies priorities for the entire organization. Our approach alsofacilitates the ongoing measurement of progress toward the objective and enables course adjustments. With our approach, strategic plans become dynamic blueprints for action. Our emphasis on measurement ensures that the organization is always focused on the macro-level objective.

Value Chain Analysis

AMPS assist clients with value chain analysis to highlight the strategic issues that are unique to individual energy segments and the client’s current and future operations and ways to better compete and provide value added services.

Analysis of Alternatives

AMPS helps clients seize the opportunity to take their businesses to the next level by accessing new capital. We maintain strong relationships with institutional investors, buy-out investors, private equity, senior lenders, and their professional advisors. Our extensive relationships enable us to assist you in finding the right capital partner that will share your goal of continued growth and success. Most importantly, we can help you find a partner that understands the key challenges your company faces in today's rapidly changing environment.

Business Case Analysis

A business case is a formal document that states the goals of the business, the reasons why they believe that they are attainable, and a plan for reaching those goals. The business plan is your project's resume. It details your mission, background information, the business structure, project logistics, and the financing needs from the date of organization to the cash necessary to operate the business, financial projections and the benefits the investors can expect to enjoy. Business plans are written to fully define your concept and explain it to other interested parties. When AMPS assists in building your business plan, they are helping you to build your company's future.

Financial Analysis

The road ahead is not always easily defined. AMPS can financially model several alternatives and help to identify the factors related to each and define a baseline financial plan. The modelling will define various alternatives for the project and the potential outcomes of each alternative. The information will provide the detail for the project developers or boards to make informed decisions when looking at the direction a project or business should pursue.

In order to keep pace with the ever evolving renewable energy industries, our team has experience in alternative financing equity, debt, lease and performance contracting techniques and solutions. Financial analysis includes an evaluation of the alternative financing techniques and implication on lifecycle cost, transaction complexity and time, risk transfers, tax deductions, asset depreciation and overall cash flow. Financial analysis combined with measurement and verification support services helps clients considering energy saving performance contract or performance based logistics contracts.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

The overall cost effectiveness of implementing energy conservation measures cannot be judged on immediate costs and savings. A complete life cycle cost study is a critical tool to determine the right steps for your organization. AMPS can evaluate your projects and provide a framework for ongoing evaluation as technologies and costs evolve.

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

Develop impact assessment on current policies and regulations such as energy goals, carbon emission requirements and tax implications for a business strategy and plan.

Risk Analysis

Define the potential enterprise and project risk, impact and frequency of occurrence to define a risk mitigation plan.

Product Evaluation

Evaluate various products and solutions to key customer requirements and goals and define product requirements for implementation. Assess an estimate of implementation cost and schedule between various product alternatives.